Kefei r&d center was established in 2011, in 2014 it was identified as the cyclone and vertical electrolytic technology research and development center high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang province, it is the important experimental base of developing the cyclone and vertical electrolytic technology and metal smelting recovery, but also the public support platform of serving the various projects design and various types of scientific research activities in the metallurgical industry.The Center provided metal recovering technology and solutions for industrial and mining enterprises, and recommended the best processing route for specific material, it has economic and efficient extraction of metal products, and create more value for customers;At the same time, it developed the research and development ability at the maximum, finished high level scientific research projects, improved the problems in the existing process and solved in the current technical problems existing in the metallurgical industry.

Company had invested more than 12,000,000 yuan on research and development center for the comprehensive construction and transformation, it had completed a perfect R & D test platform, more than 2,500 square meters of the test site, covering the test, semi-industrial production experiments, physical and chemical testing and other functional departments, purchased advanced chemical laboratory equipments.By investment the construction of the company, instrument and equipment fixed assets of research and development center have reached more than 5,000,000. At present, there are a number of instruments such as atomic absorption spectrometer, high purity water purifier, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, small test device and medium test equipment of the cyclone and vertical electrolysis and related products etc, the purchase of these instruments and equipment provided a reliable guarantee for the enterprise's research projects and external services.

The r&d center mainly engaged in the study of related to the cyclone and vertical electrolysis, the cyclone and vertical electrolysis technology was combined with the domestic and foreign advanced technology research and development, the technology is the domestic leading and independent intellectual property rights.The cyclone and vertical electrolysis technology is based on high-speed solution flow to eliminate the concentration polarization and other negative factors(ion concentration, deposition potential, concentration polarization, super potential and pH value, etc.), it is efficient and environmentally friendly production of high-quality metal products.

Since research and development center had established, it had reasonable team building, sound system, clear responsibilities, and company has a technology research team of full passion, teamwork, knowledge innovation.There are 14 people, including 3 senior titles and 6 intermediate titles. Research and development center actively carries out technical research and development work, it has been provided strong technical support for the technical projects of Jin chuan group, Tong ling nonferrous, Zi jin mining group, China Zhongyuan Gold group, such as the production electrolysis copper projects from black copper slag, recovering silver from silver contact points project, purified cobalt by deposit of cobalt chloride solution project, extraction of copper and nickel from scrap metal sludge project etc., the company has the eight the authorized patents, more than 10 utility model patents, the implemented industrialized projects had been made important contributions to the development of local enterprises and economies.

R & D Center will adhere to the spirit of "hard working, the pursuit of excellence", provide the powerful technical support for scientific research of the enterprise, and make a greater contribution for the development of metal recovering equipment and environmental causes.