Company has been awarded Jiaxing the top 10 innovative enterprises

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The innovation conference of JIaxing innovation conference opened the whole domain innovation pattern

On the morning of January 13,Jiaxing the municipal party committee and municipal government of municipality held the municipal conference on science and technology innovation and meeting of promoted the construction and mobilization the comprehensive innovation test district. The conference summarized comprehensively results during the "12th five" Jiaxing science and technology innovation work, studied the deployment of main tasks during the period of "13th five”, complete the development of the short board, promoted the development of jiaxing innovation-driven to a new level during the 13th five-year plan period, provide strong support and impetus to the construction of a moderately prosperous society in all respects on time. The reporters of Jiaxing channel in Zhejiang news client will be on the live report.

Feng fei, vice governor of Zhejiang province spoke

Feng fei said, In recent years, the Jiaxing city has created a lot of bright spots in the construction of innovative carriers, seizing the opportunities of the Internet conference in the world, bringing in central government enterprises and well-known enterprises at home or abroad. The provincial party committee and government has decided to launch a pilot zone for the comprehensive innovation reform in jiaxing, and hopes to add new impetus to the innovation of jiaxing, and makes the innovations move up the new stage.

Jiaxing party secretary lu jun made the report

At first, Lu jun congratulated the companies and individuals who were recognized, and thanked the researchers who have long insisted on the scientific and technological innovation of jiaxing. She said that in recent years, the scientific and technological innovation of jiaxing has achieved some achievements, such as innovation platform and cooperation in the college. But technological innovation is still the short board that needs to make up. This requires everyone always be aware of the four senses and shoulder the burden of a comprehensive innovation pilot zone. First, we should always keep our mind to the self-conscious awareness of the central and provincial government. Second, we need to keep our confidence in the goal of innovation. Third, we should always embrace regional competition and innovation, and worry about the gap between the standard and the advanced. Fourth, we should always be open-minded and enterprising.

Lujun emphasized four aspects of building a "the incubator city of science and technology companies" with Regional influence of the Yangtze river delta, in terms of investment in science and technology, it depends on enterprise and social input, high-tech enterprises double multiplication; in terms of the development of industries, it is necessary to cultivate new industries and strengthen the dominant industry; in terms of the introduction of talents, it should be talked about both the quantity and the quality; in terms of the innovation effect, it depends on both the structure and the quality.

Zhou guohui, director of the science and technology department of Zhejiang province spoke

Zhou Guohui said that in recent years, the city of Jiaxing has insisted that innovation-driven innovation as the first strategy , that it is committed to making scientific and technological innovation as well as the transformation and upgrading, and that the innovation of science and technology is in the forefront of the whole province. So far,Jiaxing has introduced more than 200 innovative carriers, such as the tsinghua institute, which is a typical example of the introduction of colleges and universities across the province and across the country. Jiaxing in Zhejiang province approved comprehensive innovation development experimental zone last year. I think there are three main reasons: frist, Jiaxing city has the foundation of industrial and technological innovations, has the advantage of adjacent to Shanghai. Second, Jiaxing city has the strong desire and strong determination of science and technology innovation. Third, it embodied the trust and expectation of the provincial government for Jiaxing city.

Zhou Guohui said that Jiaxing's new breakthrough in the future. First, we will make new breakthroughs in the development of science and technology enterprises. Second, we will make new breakthroughs in accelerating the transformation of innovative scientific and technological achievements. Third, we will make new breakthroughs in accelerating the introduction of personnel. Fourth, we will make new breakthroughs in accelerating the consolidation and integration of innovation platforms. Fifth, we will make new breakthroughs in improving the ecological innovation environment. Sixth, we have made new breakthroughs in advancing comprehensive innovation reform.

Sun Xianlong the vice secretary of Jiaxing municipal committee e read out in public the recognition of of Jiaxing city outstanding scientific and technological innovation talented person, the top ten science and technology innovation talents, science and technology innovation, the top ten innovative enterprises during "12th five-year" period.

Outstanding scientific and technological innovation talents:
The 36th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation.
Yao haigen Jiaxing agricultural science and technology research institute
Top10 scientific and technological innovation talents
Liu rui( Yangtze delta region institute of tsinghua university, Zhejiang)
Shen hua( Jiaxing Starpower semiconductor Co.,Ltd.)
Yu Baoyun(Jiaxing Xinjia aisi thermoelectric Co.,Ltd.)
Zhao lixin(Galaxycore microelectronics Zhejiang Co.,Ltd. )
Zhao Chuncai(Xfmgroup Co., Ltd)
Gu Xudong ( Jiaxing No.2 hospital)
Chang Dongliang( Zhejiang institute of advanced technology, Chinese academy of sciences))
Zhan Zhengyun(Zannan Sci Tech Co.,Ltd. )
YanZhiyong( Jiaxing University)
Muhammad Silari(Zhejiang Kaiying new material Co.,Ltd.)
Top 10 scientific and technological innovation
Name: boron-free fluorine-free glass fiber research and large-scale production, the first complete unit: Jushi Group Co., Ltd.
Name: butyl rubber synthesis of new technology development and industrialization, the first complete unit: Zhejiang Xinhui synthetic new materials Co., Ltd.
Name: 400000 tons per year differential polyester filament series complete set of technology and new product development, the first completed units: Tongkun group, zhejiang hengtong chemical fiber co., LTD
Name: YC500 photovoltaic network micro-inverter system, the first complete unit: Zhejiang altenergy power Technology Co., Ltd.
Name: the series of product development 460MW combined cycle waste heat boiler, the first complete unit: MPHS Dongfang Boiler Co., Ltd.
Name: 2.0MW full power liquid cooler converter, the first complete unit: Zhejiang Hi-hech renewable Energy Co., Ltd.
Name: Mixed diols and the third monomer IPA copolyester resin, the first complete unit: Zhejiang wankai new material Co., Ltd.
Name: Supercritical steam turbine rotor fir tree wheel groove precision and efficient processing special cutter, the first complete unit: Heng Feng Tools Co., Ltd.
CT-guided percutaneous thoracic sympathetic block technique and its application in the treatment of hand sweat, the first complete unit: Jiaxing No.1 Hospital
Name: The research and demonstration of high-quality chicken new breeding system and health breeding technology, the first complete unit: Zhejiang guangda poultry Industry Co., Ltd.
Top 10 innovative enterprises
Jushi group Co., Ltd.
Fuding electronic technology (jiashan) Co., Ltd.
Jiaxipera compressor Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co., Ltd.
Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang ODM Transmission technology Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Meida Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Kefei technology Co.,Ltd.
Broadex technologies Co.,Ltd.
Tanac automation Co., Ltd.

Provincial Party Committee Reform Office Deputy Director Xu Dake read the provincial party committee and government approved the document of Jiaxing City to create a comprehensive reform and innovation pilot area.

The meeting was chaired by Jiaxing Municipal Committee and Mayor Hu Haifeng.