Gansu Huayi

Zhejiang Kefei Technology Co., Ltd. and Gansu Huayi Environmental Protection Technology Service Co., Ltd. signed a contract of comprehensively recovery such as copper, nickel, cobalt, gold, silver and palladium from solid waste, which includes the following three sub-items.

1. Recovering 20kt / a electrolytic copper refining project from disused circuit boards and copper-containing solid waste. This sub-item fully embodies the closely integration of high efficiency electrolytic production technology and the cyclone and vertical electrolysis technology.

Using the sub copper anode plate (about 90% copper), the high efficiency copper electrolysis was carried out by the patent technology, combining traditional electrolytic copper production methods, it can accelerate the flow of the solution and reduce the concentration polarization. Anodic mud is rich in gold and silver, it need to be treated post-sequence. Copper-containing solid waste is first smelting and refining by calorie-furnace, in order to avoid the dispersion of precious metals, it need control the reasonable condition during the fire blowing process, so it can get rich in precious metals and high nickel sub-copper anode plate, at the same time recovery Sn, Zn and other valuable metals from soot; produce electrolytic copper products. The electrolytic solution treated by cyclone and vertical electrolysis technology for further copper removal, and maximize the direct recover yield of copper, at the same time supporting system is equipped with evaporative crystal preparation of copper sulfate and copper sulfate solution and other facilities, the liquid that is treated by vacuum evaporation crystallization of crude can get nickel sulfate products.

2. Recovery 2.5kt / a precious metal from copper anode mud project

The sub-items include chlorinated separation gold, extraction separation gold, the cyclone and vertical electrolysis separation silver, immersion impurities and other hydrometallurgical process.

First it recover the copper by sulfuric acid leaching, the formation of copper sulfate solution and copper sulfate solution return to the copper electrolysis production system, by method of the hydrochloric acid leaching, antimony bismuth lead form an open circuit, the leaching can be used as a sub-raw materials, immersion liquid change into neutralizing slag by the method of the precipitation; after the chlorinated separation gold, the slag is used as the raw material for the recovery of silver, and reduced by sodium sulfite, the solution is electrodeposited by cyclone and vertical electrolysis selective electrolysis, and the silver powder cast after washing. The liquid after separated gold extraction can make high purity gold powder and gold power cast after washing. Palladium is obtained by precipitation of palladium dichloride. The sulfuric acid after electrolysis return the copper electrolytic production system for the recovery of copper products, lead, antimony, bismuth, other impurities immersed into a mixed residue.

3. Treating 10kt / a waste lithium cobalt oxide battery recovering project

The sub-item includes leaching, extraction, recovering lithium and cobalt, dry packaging and other systems engineering. The waste batteries change into the appropriate size of the material by shelling, powder and other treatment; the material was being slurry by sodium hydroxide solution, at a certain temperature for alkaline leaching, so that most of aluminum separated from the material; the alkali leaching residue after washing leached by sulfuric acid, and merger with some other cobalt, copper material, through a certain the reaction time and temperature, add a certain amount of reducing agent added, so that cobalt, copper in the raw materials can leach into the solution; leaching solution after filter extracted copper by Lix984, back extraction the copper sulfate solution return the workshop, the extraction of copper liquid extracted the impurities such as Fe, Mn, Al by P204, and extracted cobalt by P507, back extraction liquid recovery lithium by sodium carbonate, precipitation by oxalic acid and ammonia it get cobalt oxalate products. Cobalt oxalate is treated with flash drying. In the scheme, the recycling of copper products in copper sulfate solution was carried out in the copper electrolysis production system.

From the initial planning , project design to expert repeated consideration and argument, Kefei has been standing on the owners point of view to make the most reasonable program, Kefei can undertake the project, not only affirmation for Kefei patent products, but also affirmation of Kefei capabilities of hydrometallurgy project design, overall planning capacity, project contracting.

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